Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark at the Moon!

Well here we go again Creeps and Ghouls, back into the mist enshrouded past to the dawn of MTV and the music video revolution to examine yet another example of the marriage of audio and visual and its profound effect on my admittedly easily corruptible young psyche. This time we look at the mini horror spooktacular, Ozzy Osbourne’s Bark at the Moon!

Playing like a lost trailer for the greatest Hammer film never made mixed with early 80’s rock n’ roll awesomeness, the video for Bark at the Moon has it all: a mysterious masked figure, a Victorian scientist transforming into a lycanthropic terror, an insane asylum, and some sweet mustaches…oh, and a dude playing keyboards while wearing another keyboard. Rad!

While Bark at the Moon didn’t create my love of all things horror, it certainly opened my eyes to the ways that rock and horror could be combined, which only increased as I watched such films as Trick or Treat and Rock n’ Roll Nightmare (both of which I’ve discussed in previous posts)!

Check out the video for yourself right here, and please feel free to mention some horror themed videos that you loved in the comments section!


Stay Spooky!

Daniel XIII

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