Eight Is Enough: The Complete Second Season

I am a big fan of Eight is Enough and went a little nuts for Season 1 of the show when it was released on DVD. So I am thrilled to tell you that WB has released Season 2 of the show in 2 parts. Okay, thrilled for it to be in 2 parts? No, but thrilled for the entire season? Definitely.

For those not in the know, Eight is Enough was a family drama that ran from the the late 1970s until the early 1980s. It is well cast and well written and is perfect to help you get that retro fix. Season 2 is notable in the history of the season, not just because it is the first full season, but because of a cast change.

Eight Is Enough began its first full season with a gaping hole in the center – the tragic loss of actress Diana Hyland, who played Bradford matriarch Joan. As the season begins, newspaper columnist Tom Bradford is now a widower and the Bradford clan is still healing. Thanks to the arrival of tutor Sandra Sue “Abby” Abbot (Betty Buckley), smiles come more quickly to the Bradford kids and love might just be in the air for Tom. While Cupid plays his games, the eight Bradford children mix humor and drama while confronting a host of life’s timeless travails as well as some contemporary controversies, from “trial marriage” and trial separations to real weddings, second mortgages and stolen holidays.

It is all in there! So click on over and order Eight Is Enough: The Complete Second Season Part 1 and/or Eight Is Enough: The Complete Second Season Part 2 and lets keep the quality TV on DVD train rolling


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