Get Star Trek: The Next Generation on VHS from Columbia House

I had one friend who was also a big fan of Trek when I was growing up. At some point I started buying the original series on VHS and he started buying TNG. Whenever either of us picked up a new episode we would go to that person’s house and watch it. It was always a great time. My episodes came from the local Pathmark where for some reason they would put new episodes on the shelf once a month at cut rate prices. His episodes were delivered via Columbia House, which I imagine he might have ordered from an ad like this one I found recently. I was always jealous of the steady rate at which he acquired his collection. The video section at Pathmark was unpredictable (as unpredictable as my funds to get an episode), so some months I would miss episodes and those holes would persist until I fill them in with full price purchases from the local video store where I worked. Even with my employee discount the price was never as good as the Pathmark price.


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3 thoughts on “Get Star Trek: The Next Generation on VHS from Columbia House

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I bought a few TOS eps on VHS along the years.
    Getting and watching them on tape as a single event made ’em appear more like the terrific mini-movies that they are.

    Though I’m glad to have them all today in a dvd set that takes up a fraction of the space, I kinda think it’d be cooler to see them lined up on a wall as a full tape collection.

  2. Starting in 1991 they released episodes of TNG on Laser Disc. The first disc was just Farpoint, but I think most of the other discs had 2 eps per disc.

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