Retro Radio Memories – The Lone Ranger: Two Bit Cattle Toll (1937)

Retro Radio Memories – The Lone Ranger: Two Bit Cattle Toll (1937)

Welcome back friends to another episode of Retro Radio memories. Today we have one of the earlier Lone Ranger episodes entitled ‘Two Bit Cattle Toll’ and it finds the Masked Man and Tonto trying to oppose one Big Bill Lawson, a shady character that happens to own the land around a pass where cattlemen bring their livestock to town. Big Bill has decided to set up a toll for the right to use the pass, two bits for each of the cattle. While Big Bill has everything set up legal…it’s certainly not fair which leaves it to the Lone Ranger and Tonto to come up with a plan to stop Big Bill and his greedy schemes.

Airing on the WXYZ station in Detroit, Michigan on January 30, 1933 the show would continue until September 3, 1954. It would be picked up by the ABC radio network due to it’s popularity with not only children but adults and end up amassing an episode count of 2,956!

While more than a few actors have portrayed the legendary masked lawman on radio I believe in this episode we have Earle Graser with John Todd as Tonto. Earle Graser would sadly die in a car crash four years later, prompting the show to concoct a storyline for five episodes where the Lone Ranger was wounded and only able to communicate in a whisper while a new voice for the Lone Ranger was chosen. Brace Breemer was eventually selected for the role, he had in fact been the announcer for the show for many years.

So put off the raking of those leaves in your front yard for just a bit and pull up a chair as we our transported back to a simpler time as you enjoy Retro Radio Memories and the Lone Ranger!


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