Saturday Frights – Night Gallery: The Caterpillar/Little Girl Lost (1972)

Welcome back all of you horror hounds and fear fiends to another installment of Saturday Frights, an offering that we at the Retroist hope brings a rictus smile to your face every week as soon as you see Sean Hartter’s awesome artwork.

Tonight we have another offering from the legendary Rod Serling and this particular episode from Night Gallery caused a bit of fright to a young Retroist himself, in case you haven’t listened to the Night Gallery Podcast yet make sure to watch this episode first as to avoid spoilers.

Originally broadcast on the evening of March 1st, 1972 the segment entitled ‘The Caterpillar’ deals with a man of very little moral character named Steven Macy (Laurence Harvery) who upon arriving in Borneo finds his affections for Rhona Warwick (Joanna Pettet) spurned and that is due to the fact that she is very much in love with her husband, John (Tom Helmore). Unable to accept his advances are not returned and thanks to the town’s rather shady ‘handyman’ Tommy Robinson (Don Knight) the two ne’er-do-wells hatch a plan to subject John Warwick to a particularly gruesome fate.

The second segment of this episode is entitled ‘Little Girl Lost’ and stars Night Gallery and Twilight Zone Alumni William Windom as the sad and demented Professor Putnam. He has become unbalanced because of the loss of his daughter in a hit and run accident six months earlier, but he believes and behaves as if she was still with him. The Professor is a brilliant man though and was working on a top secret project at the time of the accident and the Military very much wants it completed so they bring in Tom Burker (Ed Nelson) to try and befriend Putnam and ‘interact’ with his daughter so that the Professor will continue his work. Perhaps with Tom’s help Putnam will do just that very thing?

So without further ado, grab a plate of leftover Turkey and dim the lights in your home as we welcome you to another Saturday Frights and bid you welcome to the Night Gallery!


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