Cinnamon Bear OTR Show

The Cinnamon Bear was an old radio show which was broadcast 6 days a week, from Thanksgiving until Christmas. It consists of 26 episodes, 15 minutes in length (an odd duration these days, but fairly common at the time), and tells an “Alice in Wonderland” type tale of two kids who get whisked away into a magical land in search of their missing holiday star. They meet many strange creatures and magical beings, such as the crazy quilt dragon and santa claus, as they are guided in their quest by the titular cinnamon bear, Paddy O’ Cinnamon. The story is told in typical serial fashion, with each episode ending on a cliffhanger, which is quickly resolved in the next episode, but then replaced by a new dilemma.

Here is the first episode:

..And you can listen to or download the rest here.


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