The Bee Gees Failed 1993 Comeback

Even though this is a site devoted to cataloging and celebrating cultural history, something we don’t talk about much is the cruel march of time itself. Time seems to pass more quickly the older we get, and things that seem like yesterday are suddenly ten years gone. In 1993, iconic ‘70s group the Bee Gees released Size Isn’t Everything. Only 15 years had gone by between the group’s massive, Saturday Night Fever-era success and the new album, but they felt centuries old, certainly a relic of another time. So much had happened in the interim I guess. Odd that more time has now passed between Size Isn’t Everything and the present. Anyway, here’s the first single, “Paying the Price of Love,” which I loved at the time. I was basically alone; it topped out at #74 on the pop chart. It’s newer, but way more dated than “Night Fever.”


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