Back in the Day, 8 am was Early for Black Friday Shopping

Now that Black Friday sales are pretty much on their way to starting on Thanksgiving, we should look back at simpler times, when opening at 8 am the day after Thanksgiving, was a big deal.

My family has always avoided post Thanksgiving day shopping because why shop when you can sit on the couch?


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2 thoughts on “Back in the Day, 8 am was Early for Black Friday Shopping

  1. Are you certain that commercial’s for black friday? It says “tomorrow” and calls it a “thanksgiving sale”, but never mentions friday nor that “today” is thanksgiving. I know stores have had pre-BF sales on thansgiving day for a while now, but I don’t know exactly when that trend started.

    As for starting earlier all the time, that’s at least as much the fault of the shoppers as that of the stores. When the stores opened at 8am, people started lining up at 5am. Stores started saying “we have people lined up & bitching at 5am, we might as well get some money from them & open early. When they started opening at 5am, people started lining up at 3am. When they opened at 3, they lined up at midnight, etc, etc.

    Personally, I would never shop on BF, for the sheer madness of it all. Standing in line for hours, just waiting for the store to open, then fighting for your life in a majorly overcrowded store just to get some overpriced trinkets. Screw that.
    On the other hand, I know people who swear by the event & just don’t feel like it’s the holiday without it.

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