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For those who grew up in the last 30 years, you might have had your own collection or at least knew someone who was obsessed with collecting Wacky Packages. Wacky Packages were a set of sticker, with humorously named and illustrated spoofs of familiar products. For example the sticker would be of an obvious Pepsi Bottle, but instead of saying Pepsi on it, it would say Burpsi. To a kid, and me currently, this was brilliant, and the stickers sold well, especially in the 1970s.

My family loved them. My sisters, who are a couple of years older then me, bought the stickers and would actually stick them on the door leading to our basement. How they got permissions to deface the door with them still escapes me, but I am happy they did. Because I would crouch down in front of that door cracking up at the silliness of the stickers.

I bought a few sticker packs at the store a few weeks ago (yes you can still get them) and it got me interested in learning more about Wacky Packages. A quick search and I hit upon The Wacky Packages Web Page. Its an amazingly thorough archive of all things Wacky that, if you are interested in learning about or collecting Wacky Packages, will more then get you started. So get started on your Wacky Packages Education today at: The Wacky Packages Web Page.

wacky packages


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3 thoughts on “The Wacky Packages Web Page

  1. mwentworth says:

    What a great site, very comprehensive. From a young age until sometime in my twenties, I would typically refer to most products I purchased with my own Wacky Package style names. I guess my family must have somehow discouraged me from this habit and I lost my way. I think it’s high time I get back to my roots and be myself.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Oh man! Sticking the spoofed brand stickers on the fridge (and everywhere I could) felt so good.
    It’s a testament to good taste in humor that these are still around in stores (and on some old furniture).

    And that site is like a shrine to this offspring of Al Jaffee’s own wacky approach to skewed marketing in the pages of the finest (and cheap) humor magazine of yore.

  3. angela(toao) says:

    I’ve got the two hardback books and can’t recommend them enough. If you buy them in an actual store just be sure that no one has stolen the bonus stickers from inside! Argh!

    Book 1 red cover ISBN 9780810995314
    Book 2 blue cover ISBN 9780810988385

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