Fresh-Up Freddie, the Seven Up Spokesbird

I was browsing Hake’s this morning when I stumbled upon this wonderful and colorful Fresh-Up Freddie Button.

For those who are more familiar with 7 Ups more contemporary mascot, here is a little background on good ol’ Freddie. Fresh-Up Freddie was the rooster mascot for 7 Up in the late 1950s. In his ad campaign, he gave viewers lessons about how to plan successful parties and picnics by having a plenty of 7 Up on hand.

The commercials were produced by Disney, giving the character that specific Disney look of the time and when you see the commercials and character, the Disney influences are apparent. Freddie was a crossover between Panchito Pistoles, the rooster and Aracuan Bird from The Three Caballeros. He was voiced by cartoon voice and Disney legend Paul Frees.


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