Upbeat Musical Gifts for KISS Fans in 1980

I think the girl on the right hand side “rocking” out on her authentic polystyrene KISS guitar was typical of the fandom in my neighborhood. As opposed to the supremely confident kid at the top of the page in his machine washable KISS t-shirt. That kid has some answers.


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5 thoughts on “Upbeat Musical Gifts for KISS Fans in 1980

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    That KISS Makeup Kit!

    I did go as Gene Simmons one H’ween season.
    Coulda used that.

  2. TheSixMillionDollarJedi says:

    Very cool. I need at least one vintage KISS item to display. I can’t decide what though.

  3. My cousin had a KISS poster hanging in his room that scared the heck out of me as a youngster. I remember one time the electricity in our house went out and I was afraid that KISS was going to break in to my home. Now that sounds pretty awesome.

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