Read the Entire Run of OMNI Magazine Free Online

I loved OMNI magazine. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s I had a subscription to the print magazine and when they switched to online online I followed them up until they pulled the plug. The magazines mixed format and occasional weirdness really worked for me, but I guess with the internet being everywhere, it is much easier to get and much cheaper. Well not the playing field for price has been leveled for OMNI. You can read the entire back catalog of the magazine over at the Internet Archive.

Now if they would only release OMNI: The New Frontier on DVD…

[via] io9


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One thought on “Read the Entire Run of OMNI Magazine Free Online

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    OMNI was one of the best magazines ever.

    Crossed the boundaries of sci and fi, making them into one whole that brought a sense of 50s futurism to life in the 80s.

    This incredible video hints at this.
    That is one amazing bit of film!
    I see this and wonder – Why aren’t we living in bio-tech housing right now?!?

    I mean seriously!

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