The PAT 9000 (Programmable Atari Test Station) Flyer!

Image courtesy of the Arcade Flyer Archive

When I saw this flyer today and with a name like the PAT 9000 I certainly expected to learn that this piece of machinery was the newer model of the HAL 5000 or something like that, but it turns out that in 1982 it was released by Atari to aid arcade owners in the repair of their machines without the need of the game cabinet itself and the PAT 9000 included testing features for both raster and vector circuit boards.

The Flyer lists these bullet points:

No mention though if the programmable Atari test station will start speaking to you while you are repairing an arcade game.


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2 thoughts on “The PAT 9000 (Programmable Atari Test Station) Flyer!

  1. A friend of mine has one of these in his garage. He’s an arcade operator/reseller and I think he has it more for collectability than actual use. I’ll take a picture of it the next time I’m over there.

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    The PAT 9000 is my new best friend (who doesn’t know I exist).

    Really dig that pic, with the chip-care to those poor boards.
    And the active screens make it look like it’s a dream machine reading the minds of those games.

    They never stop, y’know. The games?
    They just keep playing ’til someone pops in a quarter.
    Then the screen turns on and everybody takes their position.

    I have a kink in my back pixel, btw.
    I wonder if PAT could have a looksee.

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