1982 Parker Brothers Atari Video Games Promo

Hey store owners! Did you know that Parker Brothers now makes more then just plain old board games? It is 1982 and Barker Bros is leading the way in “video” gaming entertainment! So put away those old dice, toss that Nerf into the yard and grab a joystick and hold on tight because we are about to blow you away….

It seems a bit silly and dated now, but this video does capture some of the excitement that was going on before the video game crash. The future and massive chunk of potential growth for a games company (and some non-game companies) was going to be ALL about video games.


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2 thoughts on “1982 Parker Brothers Atari Video Games Promo

  1. Mr. Sweet says:

    Love how they mention (at about the 3:40 mark) that the new film will be named “Revenge of the Jedi.” I distinctly remember this time period — between the initial announcement of the third movie and the name change.

  2. Parker Brothers made some classic games for the Atari 2600, including Frogger, The Empire Strikes Back, and Strawberry Shortcake. Okay, so maybe Strawberry Shortcake wasn’t technically a classic game, but my sister sure liked it!

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