House of Hammer Magazine: A Frankly Fiendish Gallery

House of Hammer Magazine: A Frankly Fiendish Gallery

This insanely cool magazine cover speaks volumes about the world of horror.

It tells us of the many and diverse stories spun to ensnare us in nightmarish outcomes, the multi-talented actors employed to bring life to their mythical creatures and proclaims a celebration of the motion picture company that conjured up its own brand of celluloid magic, one which lives eternal in the minds and hearts of movie fans across the world.

Again, just this single image raises my heart-rate incrementally with each recognized face. In my case, the right side holds more terror-inducement from having seen Vampire Circus and Curse Of The Werewolf at a young, impressionable age.

And of Course, Christopher Lee occupies half the page, with his singular Prince Of Darkness title topper-most, on the page and near our veins.

This variety of roles for an actor brings us to an excellent gallery contained within this magazine, one of a role filled by many actors throughout the years.

Our favorite giant, green reanimated corpse has been portrayed by many, and this series of pages celebrates his ability to walk among us, in horror, comedy and drama (and not just from the laboratory of Hammer films).

Here, dear bodies and ghouls, are stills from The Frankenstein Gallery:

They’re alive! Every single one of them!

Atari Adventure Square

Some days you wake up with your trusty sword right next to you. Other days the keys are locked in the castle. But the next day is just a reset switch away.

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  1. Since when was Frankenstein green ? He was always grey in everything I’ve seen.

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