The Teeny Tiny Woman – Halloween Audio (Download)

Radio came first, and because radio disengages the visual senses and makes you rely on your ears and imagination only, radio is a very powerful medium. The long term memory impact can be greater than visual input alone. To get you interested in this style of entertainment, here is a very small Halloween related download for you to enjoy.

Rather than re-hash the often discussed thriller/horror shows from radio’s golden age (lights-out, War of the Worlds etc…), here are a few short clips for you to enjoy which might be lesser known. There are many shows like this if you know where to look. Here is a sampler of some Halloween related stories that I found sitting on my hard drive. You can download an 8MB zip file here.

If there is any interest in another small collection, leave a message in the Comments. There might be a version B before this Halloween season is over !!


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