Saturday Frights: The Twilight Zone – The Placebo Effect (2003)

Welcome back all of you foul fear fiends to another installment of Saturday Frights! This week we have an episode from the 2002-2003 Twilight Zone anthology series that ran on the UPN network and was hosted by Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker.

This episode is entitled ‘The Placebo Effect’ and features a fantastic actor that any fan of horror should recognize, the one and only Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, House on Haunted Hill, Nevermore…an Evening with Edgar Allan Poe) who plays Harry Radditch, a hypochondriac that fears he has been infected with a deadly plague…from a science fiction novel he has just read…and this time it appears he is correct.

So put the kids to bed and turn down the lights as you take the phone off the hook. Welcome to another Saturday Frights!
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A big thanks as always to Sean Hartter for the always impressive artwork you see at the top!


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