Halloween Songs From My Grade School Days

Halloween Songs From My Grade School Days

I enjoyed middle school, and I didn’t have much of a problem with high school. But I loved grade school. Maybe it was the newness of life. Maybe it is that the curriculum was right on my level. Or maybe it was the awesome times we had around the holidays. Christmas was always big in school, and Thanksgiving as well, and my enjoyment of the those holidays is definitely connected with the ways we celebrated them in grade school. Halloween wasn’t always as big, but it was celebrated in a few ways. There were parties, of course, and candy, and even a haunted house in the gymnasium one year. But what I remember best were the Halloween songs we used to sing in grade school music class, songs like these:

(An alternate version of “Old Lady All Skin and Bones”)

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many Halloween songs as there are Christmas songs. But these were not only fun and memorable, a treasured part of my grade school Halloween experiences.

(I also think these songs, like the entire Halloween holiday, have an important purpose in our society. I talk about that here.)


Doug is a child of the 80s who was raised in Ohio and is now living the life of oblivion in the bay area of California.

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  1. Doug,
    It is a shame in the landscape of today’s Halloween music that it is getting very difficult to navigate …Unfortunately with the advances of technology some things are getting lost in the shuffle such as Classic Records that will never hit A CD Or ever be sold on any of these “MP3 only Sites” although people are making “Derivative Works” from music and sounds that have existed for decades they are being placed in the lexicon of “Halloween Music “ and with the closing of several P2P Sites ( Napster/Kazaa/ Limewire Ect) and “Cloud” Sites Like Mega Upload and others this Music is slowly drying up for the general public and Audiophiles that covet this music and yes I have read andalso Under stand the Whole Copright i$$ue but Sorry in My honest opinion It’s all about money and not anything else unfortunately these record companies have already made theiprofit or loss on these records and in the end the consumer isn’t getting what they want from the source so they have no other means then to use this method to get what they are searching for.
    In Most cases Blog Sites Like Scar Stuff & Wonderful Wonderblog were the only available resources for this music but now a lot of these site have just become epitaphs for these Sounds Songs and Albums ( Unfortunately I found ALOT of Christmas sites that way also) they list the info posts the songs and Album covers (Remember those…lol)
    This Is a subject I am well Versed on after being a Private Party DJ and also in the Halloween Industry Since 1996 – 1997 as a builder/Designer and having my own Haunted House Soundscape (Background Sounds For Haunted Houses) Company Hear The Fear Productions since 2001 I am Very Familiar with this Genre of Music.
    I Just Happen to be in the process of writing an e-book on this very subject seeing I have found there is nothing available on the subject (Please Note For Christmas Music there is the following: Christmas In The Charts 1920 – 2004 – Christmas Billboard Charts – Joel Whitburn That is Available) However I Can There are several categories of Halloween Music although some can Cross over to other categories these are the basics.
    1. Television Themes (Bewitched,The Munsters, The Addams Family ect.)
    2. Movie Theme ( Title Track From The Movie)
    3. Movie Soundtracks (The Rest Of The Music From the Movie)
    4. Halloween Sound Effects (Synonymous with Halloween)
    5. Ambient-Background Music (See Nox Arcana or Midnight Syndicate)
    6. Novelty Music (They’re Coming to take me Away Ha Ha, The Witch Doctor, Purple People Eater)- DR. Demento
    7. Halloween Rock Music Bat Out Of Hell
    8. Death Rock – Laurie ( Strange Things Happen) – Leader of The Pack – Teen Angel
    9. Halloween Country Music Marie Laveau, Devil went down to Georgia ect.)
    10. Standards ( Monster Mash, Thriller Ect.)

  2. Such classics! Thanks for the memories!

  3. The old woman by the graveyard song was one of my favs from ~4th grade music class. There was another one that I’ve been trying to remember for decades now, but have so extremely little to go on that it’s likely impossible. All that I remember about it is that it was spooky/halloween themed, was about someone taking a walk, and kept saying something along the lines of “there’s a goblin behind every tree, look there’s one over there, and over there too!”

  4. Doug, thanks for sharing those! I agree, it sucks that music copyright laws are making some of those classic childhood songs hard to locate. There’s a big difference between downloading top 40 pop songs vs. classics from the 70s and 80s that can only be found on vinyl or cassette. I visit thrift stores and antique malls every week, snatching up records and converting them over to mp3 format. I don’t care if they look at me weird every time I walk out with a stack of Sesame Street or Strawberry Shortcake records.

  5. You can still find such old records posted online if you look. For example, I found this rip of a record I used to listen to every year around halloween: http://www.mousevinyl.com/content/trick-or-treat-stories-and-songs-halloween-disneyland-records
    Side 2 (from about 12m onward in this recording) is a spooky tale based on the “haunted mansion” ride, side 1 is an audio version of the old “trick or treat” short. I always had to listen to side 2 first and then side 1 when I was a kid, because I found side 2 just too spooky. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy it, but I had to have the brighter & cheerier tale from the other side afterward.

  6. Things you remember. I remember 1st grade in the early 80’s, we sang songs about Halloween. I remember parts of one song and it was Tonight is Halloween. We were all piled in one room and staring at the screen. Been wanting to find that song again. I remember the tune, but can’t reproduce it. Been trying to find an old craft book I had too.

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