Halloween Songs From My Grade School Days

I enjoyed middle school, and I didn’t have much of a problem with high school. But I loved grade school. Maybe it was the newness of life. Maybe it is that the curriculum was right on my level. Or maybe it was the awesome times we had around the holidays. Christmas was always big in school, and Thanksgiving as well, and my enjoyment of the those holidays is definitely connected with the ways we celebrated them in grade school. Halloween wasn’t always as big, but it was celebrated in a few ways. There were parties, of course, and candy, and even a haunted house in the gymnasium one year. But what I remember best were the Halloween songs we used to sing in grade school music class, songs like these:

(An alternate version of “Old Lady All Skin and Bones”)

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many Halloween songs as there are Christmas songs. But these were not only fun and memorable, a treasured part of my grade school Halloween experiences.

(I also think these songs, like the entire Halloween holiday, have an important purpose in our society. I talk about that here.)


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