3-2-1 Contacts Asks Users to Predict the Future back in 1979

I really enjoyed thinking about what sort of awesomeness and technology the future held when I was a kid. I think many kids do, so it was not surprising that back in 1979 3-2-1 Contact asked their users what they thought the future would be like in this 14 question survey. A lot of these questions did eventually happen, some are still just dreams and others (like voting at 12) might not be a great idea. What answers would you have picked over 30 years ago?

[via] Reddit


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3 thoughts on “3-2-1 Contacts Asks Users to Predict the Future back in 1979

  1. Mr. Sweet says:

    Survey says…..

    1. As if.
    2. This has already happened. “To the moon, Alice!”
    3. And one is demoted. Poor Pluto. You’ll always be a planet to me.
    4. Strike One.
    5. Nessie the Plesiosaurus doesn’t get much pub these days. She should start tweeting.
    6. This is genuinely sad. Still possible in 1979.
    7. As well as a few actual CITIES in California.
    8. Still need gas, but almost there…..
    9. Yeah, good call. I think the color TV thing has caught on fairly well. Cable, too.
    10. How does 7 billion strike you?
    11. Such an emphasis on the moon, but then again, in 1979, the moon landing was only ten years prior. Still fresh.
    12. Does Rob from the Nintendo NES count?
    13. Why can’t they come up with a vaccine for stupid? I know some folks that could be helped immediately.
    14. You would think so with the way some people vote. (I’m Mr. Sweet, and I approve this message.)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    It makes sense to have a robot take care of the house, if you and your family will be vacationing on the moon.
    What with the price of gas skyrocketing, overpopulated beaches, too-small portions of Soylent Food Products, what else is a modern person to do?

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