3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night

3-D Ultra Pinball: Creep Night

Here’s a delightful halloween classic. Creep Night was one of the first PC games I ever got, for the first PC I ever had. I’ve always liked pinball, and this is a very good PC pinball game. I also really like the little goblin mascot (I even made a wallpaper from a screenshot of him way back when. Too bad it’s long gone now).

Creep Night is a solid pinball simulation which adds things like roaming monsters and bonus games which just aren’t possible in a physical pinball machine. The layout is rather unique too. Instead of trying to emulate the long narrow shape of a conventional pinball machine, this game makes good use of the computer monitor by placing three playfields side-by-side. You get to & from these side fields via ramps, much the same way as with a pinball machine which has multiple vertical levels. The game has three stages and you can choose to play any single one, or try to defeat them all.

The game also has a fun little intro, which helps establish the atmosphere:

Here’s the tower/laboratory level:

Creep Night is the second installment in the “3-D Ultra Pinball” series, which has a total of five different games. The first one is just “3-D Ultra Pinball” with no subtitle, it has a space theme. The third one is “The Lost Continent” and has a dinosaur/Jurassic Park theme, it’s probably my second favorite in the series (behind Creep Night). The fourth one is “NASCAR”, and the theme is exactly what you’d expect. I never had the opportunity to play this one. The fith and (so far) final one is Thrill Ride. I played a demo version of this one and it was pretty good, but not as good as Creep Night nor Lost Continent. This is also the only one in the series to get a release outside the world of computers, it was also released on the Gameboy Color.


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