Terror Train Comes to Blu-Ray – All Aboard…If you Dare!

If the 1970s or 1980s horror films should have taught a generation something, it is that you do not play a mind breaking prank on someone. Because they will come back when you least expect it and the will be packing some bloody revenge. That is exactly what happens to Jame Lee Curtis and company in the Blu-ray release from Scream Factory, Terror Train.

The film’s plot is clever, its a revenge slasher film, but it takes place at a costume party on a train and the killer assuming other people costumes prodceed to pick people off one by one. This is one of those movies that I had never seen in its original form. I had only seen it on TV, in its edited format. So I never got the full story and full experience.

The acting in the film is decent, but of course Jamie Lees Curtis is the standout. Well standing out above everyone but DAVID COPPERFIELD. Yeah that’s right David Copperfield is in this movie playing a magician. I cannot express in words how much I enjoy his parts in the film even though I know I shouldn’t. He is sort of annoying, but just the fact that he is there makes it hard for me to ignore him.

The real star of this release on Blu-ray is the film. It looks and sounds great. Mind you I have only seen TV versions of the film, so seeing it in HD is like watching a completely new film. From my experience with other horror films like this, I cannot imagine the older VHS or DVD releases were much better.

In addition to the better presentation the release has some bonus features, including:

• Interview With Production Executive Don Carmody, Producer Daniel Grodnik, Production Designer Glenn Bydwell And Composer John Mills-Cockell
• Theatrical Trailer
• TV Spot
• Still Gallery

This is another solid release from Scream Factory, who are single-handedly revolutionizing my Halloween/Horror movie watched with their releases this year. If you have missed out on Terror Train in the past or had only see it like I had in lo-res and low quality, make sure you pick up this revised Blu-ray/DVD Combo Set from Scream Factory


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