NBC Saturday Mornings Monster Squad Showed Monsters Didn’t Have to be Evil

NBC Saturday Mornings Monster Squad Showed Monsters Didn’t Have to be Evil

Before The Monster Squad there was…Monster Squad? In September 1976 a short-lived Saturday morning live-action television series aired on NBC and starred Fred Grandy, Gopher from The Love Boat, as a crime-fighting college student.


Grandy plays Walt, a college student studying criminal science who works at a wax museum to pay the bills. Business is slow so he uses his smarts to build a super computer and, through the magic of plot devices, when he plugs it in it brings life to wax statues of Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolf Man.

Once alive they know they have been bad in the past so to redeem themselves they decide to fight crime with Walt. The show has a very campy tone and certainly belonged on Saturday morning TV. The show has 13 episodes and each one is titled after the villain featured. Villains like “Queen Bee,” “The Ringmaster,” and “Ultra Witch” gave the Monster Squad trouble each week.

The show had a few pieces of merchandise. There was a small toy line consisting of Frankenstein, Wolf Man and Dracula action figures and a Monster Squad black van. Other merchandise included staples like coloring books, board games and Halloween costumes.

Even though the show failed it has enough of a following for a DVD release.It hit the DVD market in June 2009 and features all 13 episodes. (Updated)


A better, stronger, faster Jedi.

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  1. Great article! Just so you know, the Monster Squad: Complete Series DVD was just re-released last month by VCI. You can get this one MUCH cheaper, only $14.95!

  2. Cool. I didn’t know there was a show. Is it any good ? I loved the movie, though I know it came after this.

  3. Wow – I loved this as a kid, but had completely forgotten it. Great retro memory.

  4. I’d totally forgotten about this show!
    Thanks for the reminder SMDJ.

    And as great as the DVD sounds, I really, really want that Milton Bradley game box.

    In fact, I’d probably go for *every* Milton Bradley game box of that era.

  5. LOVED this show as a kid and had to buy the dvds as soon as they came out. As a kid, I even played “Monster Squad”! I built a cardboard crime computer, wore a werewolf mask as “Bruce”, had a friend wear a cape to play Dracula and another friend to wear a Dr Frankenstein’s monster headpiece. Ah, the countless crimes that were solved on Lakeview Drive from my “wax museum” basement! I have the Monster Squad game, a puzzle and an autographed photo of Mike Lane as Frankenstein’s monster from the set. I thought the figures and van were never released. Do they exist? Anyway, thank for the great post!

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