Universal Movie Monsters Lunch Box

Universal Movie Monsters Lunch Box

When I was a kid, I loved my lunchboxes. They were that lunctime power statement that told all the kids in my school everything they needed to know about me. For example, I loved both Grizzly Adams AND Star Wars.

The thing is, I always wanted a new lunchbox, so I would treat them roughly in the hopes that my family would think that I needed a new one. That never worked. Instead it just meant that, if I broke my current lunchbox, I would be brown-bagging it till next fall.

This made my selection process difficult, since I needed a lunch container that would embody everything about me for the upcoming year. That meant a lot of good lunchboxes were passed over or overlooked as too “nichey”. Now I look back on the rainbow of lunchboxes that were produced and it boggles my adult mind. How did my child’s mind ever make a decision with so many wonderful choices?

For example this amazing Frankenstein-centric Universal Monster Box.

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  1. I had this in grade school. I’ve tried to get one on eBay but it always gets too pricey. :(

  2. This was my absolute favorite lunch box. I had it when i was in elementary school and i miss it so much.

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