Inflatable Slimer!

Ten months out of the year, Oklahoma-based chain Party Galaxy sells party favors and decorations. Two months out of the year, the stores (there are five locations in Oklahoma City) turn into giant Halloween stores.

My seven-year-old daughter has a love/hate relationship with Halloween right now. She gets scared by all the ghouls, ghosts and zombies lining the store’s aisles, but she likes it enough to keep going back. Sounds a little like me at that age. When I was seven I was fascinated by movie special effects (Rick Baker was my hero).

Yesterday at Party Galaxy we found this licensed inflatable Slimer ghost from Ghostbusters. It’s $99.99, but I’m hoping he’ll go on sale November 1st. If he does, with a Santa Claus hat, an Easter basket, and some fireworks, I think I’ll be able to use him year-round.

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