Decap Attack the Video Game

In this wonderfully bizarre halloween themed game for the Sega Genesis, you play the part of Chuck D. Head. You are a headless mummy who goes around attacking things with your stomach-face, you can also pick up a powerup in the form of a skull which sits atop your headless shoulders, and launches at enemies when you attack with your stomach-face. The backdrop of this game has a nice spooky feel throughout, although most of the enemies are just weird.

This is an odd port of a game based on the Magical Hat anime. They apparently had problems getting the license for a western release due to the anime tie-in, so they redesigned the graphics. Why they chose this particular redesign will forever remain a mystery (but one which we should all be thankful for, this game is a real hoot).

I first played this game via the Sega Channel, then later via emulation.


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