Skeleton Yard Flamingos will Class Up Your Front Yard this Halloween

I went for a ride around my neighborhood last night to see what was doing in the world of Halloween decorations. I was surprised to see that most houses had not yet put up their Halloween stuff. This is a big departure from last year. I remember seeing spider webs, inflatables and crazy green glowing things aplenty by about this time. Maybe it is the weather? Who knows.

Only one house had a significant amount of decorations and even theirs were subdued compared to what I had been seeing. The standout on their croded front lawn was a flock of skeletal lawn flamingos (surrounding a less awesome inflatable spider). They gave me a good chuckle and I was impressed, mainly because I thought they had made them by hand. When I got home though, I did a quick search and they seem to be for sale everywhere.

Maybe common, but still pretty cool and a treat for people like me who do not get out much.

Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos [via] Amazon


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