Win a Copy of Little Shop of Horrors – The Directors Cut on Blu-ray

I am pleased to announce that I have a Blu-ray copy of the newly released 1986 musical classic, Little Shop of Horrors to give away, in a new contest I am calling The Retroist Win a Copy of Little Shop of Horrors on Blu-Ray Contest.

How do you win a copy? It is easy. You just need to contact me with the following information.


Easy right? Now the how to contact me part…
You can email me at, you can comment below, you can DM me on Twitter, send me a message on Facebook or you can do all 4. The good news, especially for you eager gamer types, is that each way of contacting me will count as an entry, so you can have 4 entries in total (you can only win one copy though). I will pick a winner in the middle of next week and hopefully get the movie to you before Halloween.

So get clicking folks and I cannot wait to get this classic film out the door to one lucky winner.


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20 thoughts on “Win a Copy of Little Shop of Horrors – The Directors Cut on Blu-ray

  1. Well, Drahken…it gets weird because you obviously had the Roger Corman Little Shop of Horrors film in 1960 but the Off-Broadway musical that became a Broadway musical that was based on the original film debuted in 1982 and that is what this Frank Oz 1986 film is based on.

    So it’s a film based on a musical that is based on a film. Someone get Doc Brown and his chalkboard to explain this. ;)

  2. Mark I. says:

    One of my all-time favorites! (also, the soundtrack was my first-ever CD purchase…kind of embarrassing but I love it!)

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