Garfield Halloween Fun

Most everyone knows about the Garfield Halloween TV special, but not so many people remember the infamous comic strips from 1989. For a week, Garfield lived in a world where niether he, nor anyone else in his household, existed any more. The house was empty and abandoned, but worse yet, so were the refridgerator and cupboards. The ending is a trifle odd, which has caused much debate as to what truly happened. It was the stated intent of Jim Davis that the whole thing was supposed to be a sort of dream sequence, but the way Garfield uses “denial” to escape from his prison leads to the impression that he is still there and slowly starving to death, while forgetting his pain by losing himself in memories of a happier time.

Read this set of strips yourself, and see what you’re interpretation is:

When thinking about Garfield starving to death while lost in his delusions gets too depressing for you, you can cheer yourself up a bit with this halloween themed Garfield flash game.


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2 thoughts on “Garfield Halloween Fun

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Great eerie Garfield treat, Drahken.

    Reminds me of the oddly dramatic Garfield: His 9 Lives TV movie.
    That thing had some weird animation styles.
    I think it was covered here on the site, at some point.

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