Disney’s Halloween Hall o’Fame

I’m a huge fan of A Disney Halloween/Disney’s Halloween Treat. I’ve posted about it before. I’ve even done my own podcast about it. But recently, while searching YouTube for videos about it, I stumbled upon something similar that I had either forgotten or never knew existed: Disney’s Halloween Hall o’ Fame.

I may or may not have seen this special. It seemed familiar to me, and I almost remember being shown it in middle school, but I can’t tell if these memories are real or just the phantom memories I often experience. In any case, the special stars Jonathan Winters as a Disney security guard. He finds himself in a room full of Disney props one Halloween night. He cuts up Jonathan Winters-style for a little bit, and then comes across a crystal ball in which he sees a talking jack o’lantern (also Winters) who introduces a handful of classic Disney Halloween cartoons: “Trick or Treat”, “Pluto’s Judgment Day”, and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.

I honestly didn’t care for this one as much as I did A Disney Halloween/Disney’s Halloween Treat. There was less content and I just found Winters’ shtick to be tiresome. Still, it’s got those great Disney shorts. Not only so, but some YouTube hero has remastered both this and Disney’s Halloween Treat so that they are sharper and more vibrant (in contrast, my version of Disney’s Halloween Treat is so faded it is nearly unwatchable). You can find his channel and all the remastered videos here.


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