Vintage Halloween Postcard

Keep Off the Grass!

On Hallowe’en we’ll steal the gate
And kilter everything thats straight

I love the “keep off the grass” sign; it reminds me of my youth. Whilst trick-or-treating my mom was adamant that it was exceedingly rude to go from one house to the next by way of the side lawn; one must walk down the driveway, along the sidewalk, and up the next driveway. As my friends’ moms didn’t always enforce this rule with such vigor, I was often at the back of the kid-line at each house since the others had cut through the yard. I was a bit like Charlie Brown receiving the proverbial rock.

These pumpkin-headed youths taught a lesson to the homeowner that dared post this sign in front of their Thomas Kinkade-style cottage…don’t tell us what to do, or we’ll steal your sign…and your gate…and traipse across your grass!

Vintage Halloween Postcard


Don’t look at the dogs, work the lock! You looked at the dogs!

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