Post Ghosties, the Cereal Without a Ghost of a Chance

Sometime in the 1960s, Post cereal got the idea to make a cereal based on Casper the Friendly Ghost, it was to be called “Ghosties”. Casper had two cartoon series airing on TV at this time (one which reran the old theatrical shorts, and one with all new content), so putting out a breakfast cereal at this time made sense. They made a (barely) animated storyboard for a commercial for this cereal, but never a full commercial. It seems that they never made any of the actual cereal either. According to the commercial, it would have been corn based and dipped in honey (probably close to Sugar/Honey Smacks or Golden Crisp).

This predates the conceptually similar Boo Berry ceral from General Mills, which didn’t come out until 1973.

Why this cereal never made it to market is a mystery.


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2 thoughts on “Post Ghosties, the Cereal Without a Ghost of a Chance

  1. Drahken, THIS is a great find! I’ve never seen this mock up commercial before, thanks for sharing it! Though I have to say that even if it had ended up hitting store shelves that Boo Berry would be superior. :)

  2. I agree that the cereal itself seems like it would have been lackluster, and I don’t see any connection at all between it’s format and casper (one would expect the cereal to be shaped like ghosts or have ghost marshmallows or something), although I think that having an established & popul;ar spokescharacter like casper would have given them an edge over boo berry. Whether people would have gone for the cereal or the spokescharacter is a mystery which will never be solved. (Although, looking at other such situations, I think people tend to be swayed greatly by a spokescharacter, even if the cereal is crap. Add to that the fact that boo berry is generally considered the worst of the 3 monster cereals (although I place it second, right after frankenberry, I place count chockula way way WAY in last place, I hate the stuff), and I think this cereal would have had a valid chance.)

    When I was poking around after finding this commercial, I found a similar one for a similarly unproduced dennis the menace “peanut puffs” cereal. This most likely would have been a direct competitor for cap’n crunch’s peanut butter cereal (which came out at about the same time).

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