Hulk It for Halloween! Camp it up as Captain America???

These are some great Marvel Halloween costumes for very squat and very muscular kids, but what’s with the “Camp it up as Captain America”? C’mon have some respect for the man! He gave his life for his country. Oh well. Disrespect aside, this is a great ad and it got me thinking.

I would like to suggest this Halloween that you: “Dance around as Daredevil”, “Mince it up like the Mighty Thor”, “Wobble like the Green Goblin” and “Do the worm like Wolverine”.


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One thought on “Hulk It for Halloween! Camp it up as Captain America???

  1. Rick Doherty says:

    Are these kids trick or treaters or bank robbers on the lam because they sure seem to be in quite a hurry with those bags of loot.

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