Unused Buck Rogers Combat Game from the 1930s

Hard to believe that someone could resist opening and playing with a toy for 70+ years, but somehow it seems to happen in all the time. I can only imagine that this vintage 1937 Buck Rogers Combat Game never even passed near a set of kid’s hands. I cannot conceive of any child that could resist popping out and playing with all the different pieces. Their loss is our gain though, since Hake’s is currently selling this piece and has posted a dozen colorful photos of the game.

For a mere $4600 this could be yours…

Could you have resisted popping out these beauties??


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2 thoughts on “Unused Buck Rogers Combat Game from the 1930s

  1. That’s a small piece of awesome historic retroness right there. I wonder if they would take a personal cheque from John Smith, drawn from a bank in some small Eastern European country that used to exist.

  2. blinddog says:

    Yeah it’s pretty amazing to think this game sat there for 25 years and no one played with it. If I was to buy it (I’d love too but it not going to happen) I’d also be afraid to play with it and it would still sit there not played with which would be kind of sad too. Looks like it would be fun though.

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