Shark Attack! This Shark is like a Maniac!

Shark Attack was first released by Milton Bradley back in 1988. I was really into board games throughout the 1980s and well into the 1990s and this toy was a must have for me at the time. Unfortunately it was not as exciting as it looked and lost its luster as I got older, but the constantly moving shark made for a great chamber of doom when playing with GI Joe action figures.

You expect me to talk Cobra Commander???

No, Low-Light, I expect you to die! Unleash the shark! Cobra!!!!!!

Shark Attack is still made today, but is no longer a Milton Bradley game, but is instead being released by Patch products. I am not sure who they are, but the game looks pretty similar to the original.


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2 thoughts on “Shark Attack! This Shark is like a Maniac!

  1. I think the line is “this shark EATS like a maniac”, although you can’t make it out clearly either way.
    I never thought the game sounded appealing (small surprise, since it’s intended for ~6yr olds or perhaps younger, and I was about 15 when it came out), but I always liked the song and the animation.

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