I Just Switched to Sanka. So, have a heart?

If it doesn’t have caffeine I don’t understand the point of drinking it, but some people actually seem to enjoy Sanka. Me, I just like saying “Sanka”. Sanka! It conjures up images of deep blue rivers, tearing through the lush jungles of some mythical South American country. I imagine that if the Three Stooges ever did a road trip movie to a South American country they would have called it “Sanka”. ‘Certainly.


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4 thoughts on “I Just Switched to Sanka. So, have a heart?

  1. Yeah, I agree that caffiene free coffee is pointless, just like alcohol free beer. Why drink such a revolting concotion if you’re not even going to get any benefit from it?

    When I think “sanka”, I think of the orange jars sitting on the table at my grandmother’s house when I was little.

  2. Rick Doherty says:

    I have been listening to the “Father knows best” radio programs that are in the public domain. I never watched this show in syndicate when I was a kid but I really enjoy the radio shows. Anyway, they started out being sponsered by Maxwell house, then postum (which is caffiene free and works on “coffee nevers”) and eventually was replaced by Sanka.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    Your suggestions about a country named Sanka made me start to wonder where the name actually did come from. “SANs CAffeine?” Then change the CA to a KA so people don’t pronounce it “san-sa”. Maybe that’s a stretch. Still, interesting name.

  4. That’s actually almost exactly right, the difference is that they didn’t “change” the “C”. Sanka was originally made by a german company, where they spell “coffee” as “kaffee” (and presumably spell caffiene in a similar manner), so it’s just SANs KAffiene.

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