Retro Radio Memories – Meet Corliss Archer (1947)

Thanks to the suggestion on the Retroist Facebook Page we are going with Meet Corliss Archer as our first Retro Radio Memories post!

The comedy program Meet Corliss Archer started on the CBS Radio Network on January 7th, 1943 and lasted until 1956. The program was created in response to NBC’s hit A Date With Judy and was even picked up by NBC as a Summer replacement for their Bob Hope Show.

The program revolved around a perky and well-intentioned 16 year-old Corliss Archer and her nerdy boyfriend next-door neighbor Dexter Franklin and how their teenaged antics get them into all sorts of trouble, while her stressed out but loving Father and Mother try to help them out.

The part of Corliss Archer during the radio program’s long run was played by Priscilla Lyon and Janet Waldo while Dexter Franklin was voiced by Bill Christy and Sam Edwards. Harry Archer, Corliss’ Father, was played by Fred Shields and Frank Martin with Irene Tedrow, Monty Margetts, and Gloria Holden playing the part of Corliss’ Mother, Irene Archer.

The popularity of the radio program ensured that it would make the jump to Live TV in 1951 and lasted two years and returning again as a syndicated program for 1954 and 1955. Meet Corliss Archer even made a splash as a comic book character when it was published by Fox Feature Syndicate for three issues, it was even written and drawn by Al Feldstein, who would later become the ediot of MAD magazine.

So now without further ado let us travel back to a simpler time when the Family would sit and bask in the warm glow of the Radio as we listen to this episode from 1947, Meet Corliss Archer in “Sweetheart of the Year”.

Now I have that Campbell’s Soup jingle stuck in my head.


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