Takara Triple-Flips

I’ve written about Triple-Flips before, but I’ve never been able to show you one. Until now, that is. Last week, somebody put a buy it now sale for two of the Takara portable board games, and guess who grabbed it up? This guy!!! Here’s a quick review of the Triple-Flips.


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2 thoughts on “Takara Triple-Flips

  1. Great video, Doug! I’ve said before when you originally posted about them that it was something that I always wanted, I want to add one to my collection even more now thanks to your video.

    What is the game like for Runaway School Bus?

  2. ddsw says:

    Holy cow, I had one of these! I’d forgotten what it was called though. Mine had a game based on the biathlon (Apparently that was Triple Flips 6.)

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