Empire Strikes Back Dagobah Movie Poster

I am not sure if this poster is authorized by Lucas or not, but I was browsing the web when I found it and I kind of like the perspective. The Yoda and Luke training scenes were a favorite of mine as a kid (not crazy about them now) and it is nice to see it rendered in poster form. The storefront on Etsy that posted these is also selling an interesting Ewok-centric Return of the Jedi Poster.

I wonder if they ever sold a Star Wars one that was Jawa-centric?

[via] LynxCollection on Etsy


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One thought on “Empire Strikes Back Dagobah Movie Poster

  1. catching up with your fun posts….

    This kind of looks like an Olly Moss painting? or Olly moss influenced work? If you don’t know his works you can find it here:

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