Moonlighting: The Soundtrack

I originally avoided Moonlighting. I thought it was a girl’s show. I think I thought the same thing about Remington Steele. But after Die Hard exposed me to the awesomeness that is Bruce Willis, I began checking out reruns on Lifetime. Yes, that’s right. I eventually started watching a TV show I had originally written off as a girl’s show on a girl’s channel. I’m not trying to justify or defend that. I’m just saying that’s the way it was.

While I’m sure that is how my relationship with the TV show Moonlighting played out, I’m less certain how my relationship with Moonlighting the sound track did.

I know I bought this on cassette at a local record store, and I know I listened to it often as I cruised around Columbus, Ohio in my 1979 Toyota Celica, but I’m not sure what I initially saw in it. My guess is that the hook was the Moonlighting theme by Al Jarreau.

However, I know I was pretty impressed by the fact that both Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd had tracks as well, and while I had forgotten which song Willis covered, I remembered Shepherd’s “I Told Ya I Love Ya, Now Get Out”. I didn’t remember the other songs as well, but you can see them listed on the album’s back cover.

The Moonlighting soundtrack was just one of the weird soundtracks I had at this time, sharing space in the little cassette cubbyhole of my car with the Sleepwalkers soundtrack, the Batman soundtrack, and Danny Elfman’s Music for a Darkened Theater. I really liked it because I thought it added another dimension to the show. Moonlighting was multi-media before multi-media was cool, and they held on to at least one more fan that way. If only Remington Steele had done the same.


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