Cool Cat, the.. um.. cool cat!

Cool Cat is a Warner Bros character who starred in a small number of cartoons in the 60s. He’s sort of a cross between the Pink Panther and Bugs Bunny. He is unabashedly a character of his time, endlessly using beatnik lingo, which some say is why his cartoon are seldom shown anymore. I think it simply gives him a more interesting character.

My first encounter with Cool Cat was when Nicklodeon had Looney Tunes, they aired a great deal of obscure old toons that no other TV collection did (including other 7arts-era ones like Bunny and Claude, Chimp and Zee, and the various Daffy vs Speedy ones, as well as some of the old black & white Bosko and Honey ones). They were shown again on Cartoon Network later, but then vanished from the airwaves again.

One unique aspect of these cartoons is that the voices were done by Larry Storch, of F-Troop fame (he also co-starred in the original Ghost Busters series, the live-action one that the Filmation Ghostbusters cartoon was based on).


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