The Adventures Of Bayou Billy TV Commercial (1989)

The Adventures Of Bayou Billy TV Commercial (1989)

Back in 1989 when I was seeing all the Konami ads popping up in the Marvel Comic books that I was reading I was genuinely excited about the Adventures of Bayou Billy NES game. Even the Nintendo Power magazine feature article led me to believe this was going to be a fantastic fighting, driving, and shooting game! I was just positive of how awesome Bayou Billy would turn out after this TV ad started to pop up during commercial breaks after school.

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Then I got my hands on the game one weekend. It turned out to be unforgivably difficult…so much so that it caused me to never play it again. I still liked the character though and was glad to see him make an appearance in the Captain N: The Game Master Saturday morning cartoon series in the episode, “How’s Bayou?”. The very episode that Kevin (Captain N) admitted that Bayou Billy was the only game he was never able to beat.

Heck I even bought the Adventures of Bayou Billy by Archie Comics!

It wasn’t until the likes of the all-knowing Wikipedia that I learned: ” The game was released in Japan as Mad City and internationally as The Adventures of Bayou Billy. The international version, Bayou Billy, is notable for its increased difficulty in comparison to the Japanese Mad City. For example, the enemies in the street fighting segments are faster and have three times the energy in the international version, while the player has less bullets in the shoot-em-up stages.”

Konami was setting us gamers up for failure from the start. ;)


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  1. I wonder how much of a game testing phase (if any) these early titles got before rolling into production?

    Bayou Billy seems like the perfect adventurer avatar, and judging by the comic tie-in, they were betting on him to lure gamer dollars.

    Pitfall Harry must’ve chuckled (or facepalmed) on that one.

  2. Why didn’t we get a Contra comic?

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