The Invisible Man Theatrical Trailer (1933)

With the Universal Monsters Blu-Ray just a couple of weeks away and the fantastic One Movie Trailer A Year post setting the forums on fire this seemed like a perfect time to present one of the greatest Universal Monsters films.The James Whale (Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, The Old Dark House) helmed classic from 1933, the Invisible Man.

Adapted from the original story by the legendary H.G. Wells about a scientist that partakes of his own concoction to bring about invisiblity which might seem a boon but the side effect is that it drives a person mad. The Invisible Man stars Claude Rains…who you don’t actually see very much since he is invisible naturally, as well as Gloria Stuart (Titanic, Gold Diggers of 1935), and William Harrigan (Citizen Saint, G-Men). Claude Rains would go on to appear in two more classic Universal Monster pictures, the Wolf Man in 1941 and The Phantom of the Opera in 1943.

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