Tonka’s Legions Of Power (1986)
Image courtesy of the Virtual Toy Chest

Tonka’s Legions Of Power (1986)

Image courtesy of the Virtual Toy Chest

One of the greatest things about my fellow writers here at the Retroist is how they can either remind me of something that I’ve completely forgotten or possibly never knew about. Just last week Drahken post about the Lifesavers Sweet Storybooks and with the photo he included of his 1987 Christmas loot were some Legions of Power boxes…I stared and stared and stared at them. I had no memory whatsoever of this toy line.

Thankfully YouTube was there to help me.

[Via] Reign of Jerm

The Legions of Power came from Tonka in 1986 and was a mechanized toy line as you can see from that TV ad above. The storyline deals with a space probe from Earth that enters a distant solar system and explodes, showering high-tech pieces of debris upon two warring planets. On the planet of Konn, it’s evil leader Wartech, begins to assemble his Tech Dynasty from the debris to begin invasion on the planet of Pronn. On said planet, Jeffron (Really?), commands his team of Star Legions with cobbled together vehicles from their share of the space probe fallout to protect the inhabitants of Pronn.

I’m going to have to keep an eye out at my local flea markets and see if I can’t pick up a few of these toys…that commercial made them look pretty awesome. A big thanks to Drahken for setting me on the path of this post!


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  1. Back in the 80s nestle’s quick (long before it’s “nesquick” days) had a thing where you could send in labels & get a free mini set of LoP. It was only 5 or 6 pieces, but it was still good. That was my first encounter with the toys.
    Later I got several different kits. I got 2 copies of the motorized tank pictured here, and a motorized walker, and several different non-motorized sets. I still have most (all?) of the pieces from all of them, with the exception of some of the rubber tires (which unfortunately are low quality & rot quickly) in a basket in the spare room.
    These toys were neat because they were sort of a cross between legos & GI Joe vehicles. Also, the little figures are just about the right size to fit in the cockpits of the early transformers toys. (The first lines of transformers toys in the 80s were from diaclone molds, which originally had little pilots. They discarded the concept of the pilots when they made them into transformers, but many of the earlier toys still used the same molds, leaving american kids wondering WTF those cockpits were for.)

  2. Haha, Pronn.

  3. Drahken, I used to use the pilots from the old Zoids toys in those original Transformers, especially the repair bay with Optimus Prime!

  4. To Whom It May Concern,

    I, Anthony Cook, was just Reading your story here about the 1986 Power of Legions Toys, and just wanted too say that I Have Two of these Toys, in the Original Packaging, with their Comic Books still inside.
    They have never been put together nor have the stickers been placed on them. If you would like to see them, I will gladly send pictures if you so choose and I am honestly looking to part with them as well, for the right price.

    Thank you for your time

    Anthony Cook

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