New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Features Frogger, Dig-Dug, And More!

Image Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

So not only do we get a new theatrical trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, Disney’s latest retro-themed film but we’ve been given a new theatrical poster as well! This latest trailer gives us even more classic video game icons, can you name them all?
[Via] First Soundtracks

Novemeber 2nd just can’t get here fast enough.


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8 thoughts on “New Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Features Frogger, Dig-Dug, And More!

  1. Give it time, friend. Who know who might turn up? For example, Paperboy is in the trailer but you see him for about a second. Mr. Do! might just be lurking around after all! :)

  2. Atari Adventure Square says:

    I get increasingly excited watching bits of this movie.
    Makes me feel like I’ve two pocketfuls of quarters and a free afternoon, again.

    And was that Tapper, at 2:05?
    I’ll have him pour me a cold one.

  3. Matt Stilwell says:

    I didn’t see DigDug anywhere. They don’t mean the guy with the hammers, do they ? Because DigDug didn’t use hammers.

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