Mattel Classic Basketball

Mattel Classic Basketball

Right around quitting time yesterday my wife informed me that she and my daughter were going to Girl Scouts and that my son was going over to visit my mother. That left me with a couple of hours to kill and so I stopped by a few thrift stores I haven’t visited in a while. For the most part the trips were a bust, but I did run across one good find:

At first glance I thought this might be one of the original Mattel handhelds from the late 1970s, but closer inspection revealed it to be the 2003 re-release. Despite being a newer version (“Now with 3-Point Shot!”), it still looks, feels, and plays like the original ones. At $3.98 and still new in the packaging, I couldn’t pass it up.

I plan on swapping it out with my son’s Nintnedo 3DS this weekend to see if he notices.

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  1. I love the Mattel line of electronic games. Let us know if your son notices or ends up preferring this game.

    And that commercial is great. Dennis Haysbert has come a long way. He’s still making commercials.

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