Tim Curry in Times Square (1980)

Times Square is a film about two teenage runaways, Nicky Marotta and Pamela Pearl. Who are living in New York City, after escaping from a hospital where they are being examined for mental illness. Nicky and Pamela get involved with disc jockey Johnny LaGuardia (Tim Curry) and form an underground punk rock band, The Sleez Sisters. The band becomes a hit with the youth of NYC and the film climaxes with all the fans of The Sleez Sisters congregating in the streets of New York City’s Times Square for a rooftop concert.

The film is watchable in its complete form on YouTube (and in the magic window below this sentence).


I had a friend when I was a kid who was enchanted by the idea of being a punk (but would never commit to the part), he made me watch this movie on a VHS he somehow layed his hands on.


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