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What time is it? It’s Woody Woodpecker time!

Ran across this while out shopping last weekend:

I’m not sure what’s happening on this packaging on this watch. It appears Woody is late for something, while Woody’s (somewhat oddly-drawn) niece and nephew Splinter and Knothead appear to be doing … something?

I never thought of Woody Woodpecker as being a particularly punctual character, or even needing to be. Regardless, you gotta admit 39 cents is a good price for a watch.

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2 thoughts on “What time is it? It’s Woody Woodpecker time!

  1. Is it me or does Splinter have her face on that watch, wouldn’t you think that it would be Woody Woodpecker on it? Neat find though either way, Flack!

  2. It’s definitely splinter’s face. Then again, it also has a pink strap, so woody’s face on it would be rather weird. My guess is that this watch came in multiple varieties, all on the same packaging. There was most likely one with a blue strap & woody’s face, and possibly one with knothead’s face (maybe on a green strap?).

    As far as woody being late for something, I’m reminded of a cartoon where he has a watch with the 4 cardinal numbers replaced by meal images. Woody looks at the watch as it’s alarm goes off, clearly thinks “oh boy! I was almost late for lunch!”, then flies off and steals food from his neighbors.

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