Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Mix Or Match Storybook (1980)

I was doing a little cleaning in the back bedroom last evening when I came upon a very well used storybook from my youth. I received the Empire Strikes Back – Mix or Match Storybook the Christmas after the ESB hit theaters and I can tell you truly that I spent hours making up new tales from the characters in those films.

The ESB Mix or Match storybook was Published by Random House on October 21st, 1980 and illustrated by the legendary Wayne Barlowe. I’m sure they must make storybooks like this today…but they can’t be as awesome as this never before known story of Yoda:

Maybe you’ve heard about this lesser known story involving C-3P0:


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4 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back – Mix Or Match Storybook (1980)

  1. What a great find. I have never owned this. It really is a brilliant pieces of work. Yoda hiding behind a rock? He does not look like he is trying too hard to hide.

  2. “Yoda was taking a leak behind a rock in someone’s freezer when he spied Lando playing marbles with an old man.”

    “While standing behind a green stone podium, C-3P0 saw a tiny gun pointed at a ghost who was spying on some people kissing.”

  3. I never saw a star wars book like this, but I vaguely remember similar type ones with more generic themes. I think I had a mix & match sesame street one, where you could put ernie’s head on cookie monster’s body, with big bird’s feet or some such. (Most of the mix up books I’ve seen are ones where you mix & match parts of a person/character, as opposed to parts of a story, like this SW one).

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