Amazing Spider-Man Complete Collection

I recently got an Android tablet (as you know if you’ve seen this). And more than anything, I wanted to use it for portable nostalgia, instant on-the-go access to the treasured things of my youth. I got video games covered thanks to the Atari Greatest Hits app and the Nintendo Emulator, and I’ve got Garbage Pail Kids covered through the ebook, and I’ve got movies covered through my Plex app. But I needed a way to get comic books on there without having to scan all my comics by hand. Fortunately, there was just such a way: The Amazing Spider-Man Complete Collection DVD-Rom.

This dvd gives you every Amazing Spider-Man from 1963 to 2006, as well as the annuals, a Peter Parker/Spider-Man bio, and the Amazing Fantasy in which Spider-Man made his first appearance. The comics are arranged by decade, then by year, then by issue.

My favorite ASM run!!

One thing I was concerned about was whether or not the ads would be in the comics. I wanted them to be, but I didn’t figure they would be. I figured these would be like the trade paperback collections which have the ads removed. Fortunately, that’s not the way it was. All the ads are there. This makes me more than happy. How can you have nostalgia without great pages like these.

In fact, what you have in this collection are simply scans of the pages. How do I know? You can see the staples!

As far as portable nostalgia goes, I couldn’t do any better than the Amazing Spider-Man Complete Collection. I could move the files straight from the DVD to my tablet, and once I mess around with the size and lay out a bit, I can get a pretty decent reading experience. Unfortunately, the DVD is out of print, but you can still find a copy on Ebay.

A quick note: if you try to read these comics outside of Adobe, you will get a Marvel watermark on every page. This frustrated me to no end because I thought I was reading in Adobe but I was still seeing the watermark. I finally realized I wasn’t reading in Adobe at all but in Microsoft’s pdf viewer. When I switched, the watermark disappeared. On my tablet, I use Radaee PDF Reader.


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