Activision Anthology for iOS

Activision Anthology for iOS

Activision’s recent 30th Anniversary edition of Pitfall! wasn’t a bad game, but left me wanting to play the original. Someone over at Activision must’ve anticipated this, because they finally released the Activision Anthology for iOS devices. The Activision Anthology has made its way across numerous platforms over the years. And, I’m pleased to say this version is quite good. All the Activision classics for the Atari 2600 are here. And, what’s more, many Imagic games are included too. It’s great to see my old friends Demon Attack and Moonsweeper.

The app was created by the Code Mystics studio, the same folks who worked on Atari’s Greatest Hits. This new iteration is a far superior product. It provides scans of the original manuals and 3D models of the boxes and cartridges. Most importantly, it provides a variety of control schemes. No one scheme is optimal for every game – but every game seems to have at least one scheme that works well. For example, Kaboom! works great when using tilting controls.

For me, the happiest discovery is that this app works with my iCade that had been gathering dust. Using the iCade’s joystick is a great way to enjoy these games. So, if you’ve got an iPad or an iCade that’s not living up to its retro gaming potential, the Activision Anthology is a great deal at $6.99. Put on that 80’s playlist you’ve got and relive some of the best games released for the 2600.


Vinvectrex has not only reviewed every game made for the Vectrex, but discovered a long lost game for the IBM Jr. and probably changed the history of Star Wars fandom.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I tried the free kanoom game and think i will purchase the full version. So you loke the Icade controller? I have the Atari controller and the joystick does not work very well with the Ipad.

  2. Should say like not ..loke!

  3. The iCade does work pretty well, but I haven’t compared it to others. I found it worked quite well with the Activision Anthology but it’s been a while since I used it with Atari’s Greatet Hits. If you try Activision Anthology with your controller and don’t like it, you may not like the ICade either.

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